• Baci Milano

    Baci Milano

    The Italian brand stands out for its audacity by offering us a clean and contemporary line but also an elegant and luxury baroque collection that respects Italian design and fashion. Colors are a source of inspiration for travel and sharing. By using new materials such as melamine or even noble materials such as porcelain, which guarantees you a daring decoration in any season.

  • CowParade


    The cows are painted by local artists from the amateur and unknown to the professional and famous. Artists are notified of the event through an “Open Call for Artists” process. This process consists of targeted mailing to top artists, newspaper and television advertisements, and through cooperation with local arts organizations.

    The cow is a universally loved animal. The cow represents different things to different people around the world - it's sacred, it's historic, it connects us to our past - but the common feeling is one of affection. There is something magical about the cow that transcends the whole world. She just makes everyone smile.

    CowParade benefits charities

    CowParade events have raised over $20 million for nonprofits worldwide since 1999. CowParade auctions are conducted like traditional art auctions with live auctions

  • Déesse


    Déesse's inspirations go through Mondrian, Klee, Malevitch, Vasarely, whose family she rubbed shoulders with,

    and by his child's gaze on many trends that feed his work every day.

  • DeRosa Rinconada

    DeRosa Rinconada

    Each figurine is sculpted in ceramic and painted by hand, which leaves a unique authenticity to each figurine.

  • Disney By Britto

    Disney By Britto

    Brazilian artist Romero Britto brings Disney characters to life with eye-catching Pop Art figurines. Britto uses bright colors and bold patterns as a visual language of hope and happiness.

  • Gangzaï


    The French brand Gangzaï stands out thanks to surprising creations Ready to smile, reflect or dream, the Gangzaï collections are unique and known throughout the world. Putting contemporary trends in the spotlight with colorful and chic designs

  • Goebel


    From the beginning, "white gold" has been more than just a mixture of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Until today, it has kept its value. It is a fragile and brittle, valuable, usable and decorative collector's item and a valuable investment.

    The "hands" make Goebel. We remain true to this philosophy today. We create at a time. Our pieces are created as contemporary designs or using historical patterns adapted to a modern sensibility.

    Craftsmanship meets art and transforms each piece into an incomparable unique piece.

    Goebel products are perfect gifts for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, housewarming, a charming little gift, a little thank you or just something special for that certain person in your life.

    Goebel products are for those who love the good things in life.

  • Guillermo_Forchino


    The artist Guillermo Forchino (1952) was born in Rosario, Argentina and lives in Paris (France) with his wife Monica and their two sons. His works find worldwide fame thanks to a collaboration with VMM in the Netherlands, with whom Mr. Forchino has signed an exclusive agreement to market replicas of his collection, created with the same attention to detail as the original works, in limited editions. , and under his personal supervision. This collection was titled “The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino”. With the development of Guillermo's replicas, his designs became available to art lovers in many countries

  • Hector Saxe

    Hector Saxe

    When Hector Saxe dresses the game, the design is key.

    The brand has been imagining for more than forty years unique pieces, very design, made of materials nobles and opens the doors of its Parisian showroom to lovers of beautiful objects. A great way to bring backgammons, dice tracks and other poker tables harmoniously into your interior... His creations seduce with their elegant design and the choice of refined materials. Each particular order is carefully studied to design an exclusive piece combining the desire singularity of a client, the appropriate technique and aesthetics. Thus, leathers, skins, precious woods and Alcantara dress the game Bold creations that follow fashion trends.

  • Jacky Zegers

    Jacky Zegers

    Positive colors with a great artist,

    Animals, plants, all the different ways life takes shape. As a mathematician, I like geometric shapes; the fractal symmetry of, for example, a fern from a tree branch, patterns in water or sand. Nature loves structure and I give a place to these forms in my work. I believe that life is there to have fun, to love, to enjoy, of and with other people and animals.

  • Marcel Travel Posters
  • Mario Luca Giusti

    Mario Luca Giusti

    Leader of Italian interior design, 

    Mario Luca Giusti was born in Florence in an environment that is culturally rich in stimuli, 

    which from childhood initiates him towards aesthetic research and harmony, 

    conditioning his love of the old and the charm of the new.

  • Mr&Mrs


    Mr&Mrs perfumes were born in 2010 with the aim of creating colorful, “pop” and fun Perfumed Objects.

    They represent a group of artists putting their creativity to the service of all in order to create magnificent pieces, as original as they are magnificent.

  • Nupo Mats LIND DNA

    Nupo Mats LIND DNA

    Nupo is one of LIND DNA's most popular structures. It has an exclusive, suede-like surface, with a soft structure. Nupo is elegant and timeless and available in many different colours the perfect choice for almost any interior style. The material is 1,6 mm thick and consists of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber.

    recycled leather Table and Glass Mats, the LIND CURVE-, and SILHOUETTE collection are supported with a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime guarantee is your safety and guarantee that your LIND DNA designs have been manufactured with great attention to durability, design, and quality. Designed to inspire. Designed to last a lifetime.

    A recurring feature of our creations is our OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather. Made from excess vegetable tanned leather sourced from the fashion and furniture industry. Leather comes in a multitude of variations in terms of colors, shapes and structures. To make your choice easier, we have put together a palette with a sure Scandinavian style, which our customers particularly like.

  • Parastone
  • Platex


    Platex is the leading French manufacturer of trays. The company has existed since 1950 and is recognized in its 3 original professions: Professional Trays, Consumer Trays, Advertising Trays.

  • Profisti


    Statuettes of professionals made according to the attitudes of men and women exercising their trades.

    Treated with respect, sometimes with a little humor, his statues of professionals show us that each profession is essential in our society.

    Parastone artists Fons van Dommelen and Ed van Rosmalen have captured the essence of the true professional, absorbed, sometimes messy but always dedicated, showcasing it in a business-as-usual attitude.

  • Roméro Britto

    Roméro Britto

    Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter and sculptor born in Recife on October 6, 1963. His work presents elements of pop art, cubism and graffiti. Colorful and chic decorative objects through figurines of the Famous Disney Brand in resin or Porcelain

  • SalonLoewe Floor Mat

    SalonLoewe Floor Mat

    SalonLoewe living room rugs and upholstery fabrics make your interior as unique as you are.Salonloewe living room rugs are much more than just floor rugs. On the contrary, they are elegant, refined and functional; in short, they are real everyday heroes. They boldly absorb moisture, are formidable dirt-catchers and effective stranglers

  • ST_Dupont


    The S.T. Dupont company was founded in 1872 in the Parisian workshop of Simon Tissot-Dupont, where the initials "ST" come from. Coming from Savoyard migration in the second half of the 19th century, Simon Tissot-Dupont was born in 1847 in the village of Saint-Ferréol, near Faverges, where he died in 1922.

    Famous users of Dupont lighters include Andy Warhol, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Louis Renault, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jackie Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn.

  • Tapis Wash+Dry by Kleen-Tex

    Tapis Wash+Dry by Kleen-Tex

    Beautify your living space with one of the exclusive rugs from the wash+dry collection!They give each room a touch of charm, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  • Tom's Drag Company

    Tom's Drag Company

    Tom combined, thanks to his incredible talent as an artist, these different elements to which he transmitted his intoxicating and colorful joie de vivre. Drags are both unique and individual. They are „truly original works“, in the truest sense of the word.

  • Vesta


    From the passion for the material, the study of light and the cult of the "Dolce Vita", VESTA

    was born.

    Inspired by the reassuring Latin divinity, guardian of the home, peace and prosperity, Vesta gives life to an original concept of lighting and furnishings.