Sculptures Glass Art

Sculptures Glass Art

Beautiful ambiance products for your home or office.Exceptional sculptures created and produced in the workshops by glass artists.Unique "made in France" pieces will have their place in your interior.

The possible small bubbles and the random distribution of the grains of color are the proof of an artisanal work done by hand.

you will find crystal and glass objects, interior/exterior decoration, tableware.

Sculptures Glass Art

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  • Paperweight La Petite Danseuse Degas

    The ideal gift for lovers of art and culture who need inspiration, in the shape of a dome and in glass with different relief

    The sight of the painter Degas weakened at the age of fifty, he was forced to rely more and more on his touch, and he found the solution in sculpture. Although he did not show his works to almost anyone in the last period of his life, he decided all the same, after having worked for two years on the realization of the Little Dancer, to send it to the exhibition of the Impressionists in Paris.

  • Red Cherry Crystal Lamp

    Price €440.00

    Red Cherry Crystal Lamp

    This lamp is a superb unique creation made by master glassmakers. It has a captivating decor with a spiral motif.

    The possible small bubbles and the random distribution of the colors of the lamp that you will receive compared to the lamp presented opposite in photo are the proof of an entirely artisanal work / made by hand in France.