We suggest very high quality posters made in France. Through these posters you will discover the cities of France in a vintage way.

A taste of vacation and sharing, or simply memories to immortalize during your last vacation.



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  • Les Calanques de Cassis Marcel Travel Posters

    Poster souvenirs that will find place in authentic decoration home

    Let's discover the Calanques with this vintage illustration from Cassis to Marseille they are part of the wonders of 

    the Mediterranean and are classified as a National Park.

  • Vintage Poster Avignon Cité des Papes Marcel Travel Poster

    Marcel Higlights the historical heritage of this city with his illustration of two magnificient monuments  The Saint-Bénézet bridge and the Palace of the Popes in the background

  • Affiche vintage La Croisette Cannes Marcel Travel posters

    Known worldwide for the glamorous climbs of the palace of festivals and international events, Cannes is an essential place to visit. a souvenir poster to remember your most beautiful

    visits to the Croisette.

  • Champagne Marcel Travel Vintage Poster

    A drink to be consumed in moderation. This vintage poster, where sharing and conviviality are in the spotlight, will find its place on the walls of your kitchen or your bar.

  • Vintage poster Marseille Le Vieux Port Marcel Travel posters

    Vintage poster Marseille Le Vieux Port Marcel Travel posters

    An original illustration of Marseille Le Vieux Port, a must-see destination in the South of France

    Something to perpetuate your travel memories

    Limited Edition print