Leader of Italian interior design, Mario Luca Giusti was born in Florence in an environment that is culturally rich in stimuli, 

which from childhood initiates him towards aesthetic research and harmony, 

conditioning his love of the old and the charm of the new.

At the age of 16 he left for Milan where he developed a taste for beauty and elegance in the literary tailoring of Germana Marucelli, 

a great stylist and promoter of Italian fashion. 

Sensitized to the style, when he later returned to Florence he successfully continued the family footwear company founded in 1865.

From transparent to the brightest colors 

An extraordinary universe dedicated to the table and beyond.

Using style between fusion and pop Mario Luca Giusti represent an optimal solution both for interiors and for the terrace or by the pool, in the garden or on mega yachts.


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