Statue Mains Cathédrale

Statue Mains Cathédrale

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) Rodin's life as a sculptor has long been characterized by the mixed reactions that his works aroused in the public. The misunderstanding that Rodin's work encountered was partly linked to the original character of his art. He was little attracted by the strict formulas of Romanticism and the neutrality of Impressionism did not appeal to him any more. Rodin's work is characterized above all by his passion for the human body. He used models a lot and did not consider himself capable of creating if he did not have a living example in front of his eyes. I only stick to nature and never claim to be able to control it, he used to say. “‑My only ambition is to serve her and be faithful to her.

Auguste Rodin

Statue Mains Cathédrale

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  • Sculpture of The Thinker Rodin Reproduction

    Rodin never revealed the exact thoughts of his Thinker, simply stating that it "thinks with its brain, but also with every muscle in its arms, back, and legs." This iconic sculpture, originally part of the 'Gates of Hell,' depicts a man seated in the tympanum, contemplating and judging the damned while being imprisoned himself. The Thinker was Rodin's first work to be displayed publicly, unveiled in front of the Panthéon on April 21, 1906, during a significant political and social crisis in France. Later, the statue was moved to the Hôtel Biron, now the Rodin Museum and the artist’s former studio.

  • The Cathédrale Hand Auguste Rodin

    Sculpture Cathedrale Hand is a replica of the work of artiste Auguste Rodin made in 1908, who was fascinated by the expression of the hands,

    contemparary craftsmen have found inspiration to reprdoduce these works, so that is accessible to the greatest number