The sculptures of the great designer and illustrator Albert Dubout put cats in the spotlight, giving them shapes and positions

specific to their universe. The perfect gift for feline lovers. Albert Dubout is certainly one of the most influential artists

from a whole generation of cartoonists and illustrators. These are the drawings that will make him discover.

Marcel Pagnol entrusts Dubout with the illustration of the 1st Marius, Fanny, César Trilogy.

It’s a huge success. Discover Dubout's cats in sculpture and in all their feline attitudes, because Albert Dubout adored them.


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  • Sculpture Cat On The Watch Albert Dubout Parastone

    When the renowned french illustrator and caricaturist Albert Dubout 

    puts his pen to paper to sketch his feline companions, 

    he depicts his cats as well as we all know them: cats in mulitudes and cats all alone, 

    cats in mischief and cats at rest, cats 

    with their kittens and cats in love, cats on the prowl and cats at their best.