Happy Ladies Sculptures

Happy Ladies Sculptures

The collections of round and colorful sculptures are known throughout the world and his feminine and maternal works stand out through now recognized series, such as “Big Star”, “Baigneuse”, Lady Heart”, “Beach Heart”, “Diva” , “Happy”,

Happy Ladies Sculptures

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  • Sculpture Happy Little Treat Artist Déesse

    Pop art sculpture made in a limited edition series and signed by the artist

    Déesse was inspired by the pop-cubist style of bright colors, round and colored sculptures known around the world, and they are distinctive by their feminine and maternal shapes.

  • Sculpture Happy Petit Délire Artist Déesse

    Pop Art sculpture produced in a limited series and signed by the artist, ideal for cheerful and lively interior decoration, drawing inspiration from the Brazilian palette, reminiscent of a vibrant carnival.

    Déesse's collection of sculptures features round and colorful designs inspired by pop-cubist and bad painting graffiti, highlighting feminine and maternal silhouettes.