Hand-painters use a special brush to apply the bright enamel glazes, gold and platinum, accentuating the individual ‘personality’ of the De Rosa Collection

figurines. These brightly coloured jewels in the world of hand-crafted ceramic design are made exclusively in our workshop in the state of Canelones, Uruguay, South



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Showing 1-3 of 3 item(s)

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  • Statue mini goat Derosa Rinconada

    Derosa Rinconada Mini Goat Statuette Wonderful goat sculpture for your interior decoration. Thanks to this unique and artisanal work, the animals keep their character traits and the

    lines desired by the craftsmen.  De Rosa Collections figurines are unique works of ceramic art designed by Uruguayan artisans and craftsman.

    Expert hands skilfully create every new product, always under the supervision of the De Rosa family.

  • Swan DeRosa Rinconada

    Price €82.50

    Swan DeRosa Rinconada

    Each creation from the families collection is the result of a unique handmade process. This sculpture has been carved and painted by hand in the workshop based in Uruguay.

    This sculpture has a certificate number painted at base.

  • Imperial Horse Derosa Rinconada

    From the Gallery Collection, it is the most unique and exclusive collection Derosa offers while giving a a pinch of spohistication and elegance.

    Handmade by artisans in Uruguay's workshop, this piece is sculpted with precision and passion by artist who spent years to to master their craftmanship

    This sculpture has a certificate number carved at base.