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Enesco France was born in 1985 from the manufacture and distribution of high-end souvenir products

A desire is above all to bring creativity and originality.

We favor unique collections, the majority of designs from either our style office or independent artists.

Showing 1-3 of 3 item(s)
Showing 1-3 of 3 item(s)
  • Sculpture Cinderella Show Case Collection Disney 

    Have faith in your dreams and be inspired by this hopeful heroine. Despite her circumstances, she remained compassionate and optimistic.

    Commemorate the extraordinary courage and kindness of '' Cinderella '' with this charming figurine designed by Jim Shore.

  • Sculpture Couple dansant la belle et la bête 25eme anniversaire Disney

    "No better way to honor the 25th anniversary of" "Beauty and the Beast" "than with a magnificent figurine inspired by the iconic and romantic ballroom scene.

    Meticulously detailed, Beauty and the Beast share a moonlit waltz with a loving look and their love seems like a tale as old as time.

    These action figures are not children's toys. Intended for adults only. "

  • Sculpture The Beauty and The Beast Disney Tradition

    Jim Shore continues his Carved by Heart series by paying tribute to Beauty and the Beast. The 6 beloved characters are represented in this sculpture carved from a wooden log. Its handcrafted design commemorates classic history with intricately carved replicas of its most beloved characters. Designed by award-winning artist and sculptor Jim Shore for the Disney Tradition brand, the figurine is made of stone powder.