Pop Art is an art that touches the sensibility of everyone, because the colors are shimmering and the lines all round

In decoration, this style is perfectly suited to all types of interior design. Pop art is characterized by themes and techniques derived from popular mass culture,

such as advertising, comics and worldly or urban cultural objects.

Pop art is widely interpreted as a reaction to the dominant ideas of abstract expressionism. Pop art, like pop music, aims to use popular images as opposed to

elitist culture in art. This is an opportunity to be tempted by one of the products selected for you.


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  • Statue Spring Day By Artiste Déesse

    A special gift for artiist Lovers and home trendy design

    Pop art sculpture made in a limited edition series and signed by the artist

    Déesse was inspiered by the cubiste style of bright colours, 

    round and colourful to design your artistic choice

    An Ode to assumed Feminity

  • Sculpture Owl Hugo Tom's Drag Company

    Sculpture or harmony of colors and shapes combine to give a rare elegance colorful that will surprise you with the quality of handmade work,

    enhanced with bright colors and adorned with gold leaf An extraordinary universe of multicolored, funny, offbeat figures and shapes,

    in all the colors of the rainbow the Tom's Drag are Design objects for the home which are unique but still have roots: in European and American "Pop art",

    or they also remind us in the ornamentations present in the popular cultures of Europe, Africa and Asia and finally in the passion to travel a lot and often.

  • Statue Elephant Bellissima Artiste Déesse

    A good reason to Honor Art in respecting black and white shades

    Déesse's universe, which seems so jovial and happy, is highly sensitive

    Her International trips, and her eagerness to glorify shapes and colours, allow the artiste to apply her artistic vision

    Her collection of round and coloured sculptures are knoxn around the world,

    and they are distinctive by their feminine and maternal shapes, such as "Big Star", "Baigneuse", "LADY" ETC... 

  • Figurine Donald Duck Disney By Britto

    Brazilian artist Romero Britto brings Disney characters to life with a very Pop Art style. Britto uses bright colors and bold patterns as a visual language of life and happiness.

  • Sculpture Hug Too Romero Britto

    Drawing inspiration from Picasso and Matisse, Roméro Britto likes to revisit the history of art, and does so with humour. Little hearts flying

    everywhere, colorful characters, naive motifs, welcome to the universe of Roméro Britto.

    Brazilian pop art artist who puts fantasy and colors everywhere in his art. Inspired by the things that make you happy, has no more claim

    than that: to bring hope and happiness through each of its creations, such is its leitmotif.


  • Tea Pot for One Roméro Britto

    Brazilian artist Romero Britto brings Disney characters to life with eye-catching pop art figurines. Britto uses bright colours and bold patterns as a visual language of hope and


  • Mini Cat Zen Statue Roméro Britto

    In 2008 Roméro Britto Revealed his painting "Voyage" at the room Le Nôtre at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

    According to Britto, Art is the simple Celebration of the finer things in life and the most important