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  • Perfume Bottle Red Sicile 325ml Baci Milano

    Bottle perfume  red Sicily Fragrance 325ml Baci Milano

    Warm and pepy southern colors that are available in this fragrance bottle to decorate your home with style and discretion in the objects

  • Bouteille Fragrance Design Purple Gioie Baci Milano

    Bottle of Baci Milanao fragrance Rare and elegant for any interior design style

     decor with a face adorned with flowers and jewels, which reveals a sweet scent Porcelain coral fragrance diffuser,

  • Bottle Fragrance Design Corail Baci Milano

    A colorful bottle of fragrance for a warm and floral atmosphere who will accompany you throughout the year.

    This coral color goes perfectly with the face drawn on the bottle and guarantees you smile and serenity

  • Baci Milano Fan Ceramic Diffuser 

    The union of several fans, typical symbols of the East, blends into design objects with strong colors to give life to a line that celebrates the exotic and its thousands of representations.

    Lotus and cherry blossoms, bearers of precise messages, emotions and feelings, become the protagonists of a collection capable of paying homage to the disarming charm of the land

    of the rising sun and enhancing a world full of wisdom and nobility of soul.

    Materials: Porcelain

    Dimensions: 21 x 6; H 14 cm

  • Baci Milano Fan Fragrance Diffuser Ceramic

    Original fan-shaped bottle for the presentation of your favorite mood fragrance. with a beautiful orange color with chic and modern floral decor

    Change the atmosphere to the sandstone of desires with our ambiance diffusers.