Edition Limitée

Edition Limitée


Being exceptional is about having the vision and the expertise to challenge boundaries and charter new paths. With our uncompromising standards of excellence,

we are proud to partner with the innovative, the iconic and the exceptional to create collections of unique limited editions.

Les Editions Limitées

Edition Limitée

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Showing 1-4 of 4 item(s)

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  • Connected lighter James Bond 007 S.T. Dupont

    Thanks to a small device integrated into the monolithic metal block, the S.T. Dupont application can connect to your lighter and inform you

    when you leave it or forget it somewhere, telling you its last location.

  • James Bond 007 Collector S.T. Dupont 

    James Bond 007 S.T. Dupont Collector's Box

    A writing and smoking kit without forgetting the details such as cufflinks and wallet. A masculine gift idea for James Bond fans.

    will be delivered to you in its original black packaging accompanied by its certificates of authenticity and warranty cards.

  • Lighter Cohiba L2 S.T. Dupont 

    L2 lighter Cohiba S-T Dupont

    The famous brand of cigars with the emblem of the Indian head, the Cohiba lighter is a special edition

    A rare elegance for a magnificent creation in honor of the famous Cuban brand. Brand known throughout the world,

    takes its name from a privileged selection of cigars intended for the former Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro.

  • La Renaissance du Phoenix S-T Dupont fountain pen set

    A rare writing box and part of the high-end writing collection of Maison S-T Dupont

    The luxury S.T. Dupont pens are above all a symbol of elegance, masculine and feminine. Each pen in this category allows its owner to stand out, display and assert their status.

    The finesse that flows there and sets on the paper is also and above all the finesse and refinement of the owner of the pen. The luxury pen should be kept as a piece of jewelry.

    S.T. Dupont takes you between elegance and sobriety, with prestigious pens.