Sculptures Family

Sculptures Family

In the family collection (Family), each figurine is represented in several different ways, and they can be combined into a family of 2-3

original figurines. For this reason, in this series, one of the most popular of the Uruguayan brand De Rosa Rinconada, each statue is unique and

inimitable thanks to the manual method of artisanal manufacturing.

You won’t find two identical figures! Each figurine is baked after casting, then covered with natural paints, glazes, 24k gold and

platinum in the hand.

Figurines collection familles Derosa Rinconada

Sculptures Family

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Showing 1-1 of 1 item(s)

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  • Swan DeRosa Rinconada

    Price €82.50

    Swan DeRosa Rinconada

    Each creation from the families collection is the result of a unique handmade process. This sculpture has been carved and painted by hand in the workshop based in Uruguay.

    This sculpture has a certificate number painted at base.